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November 2019 news 11/01/2009

We have just returned from our second mission to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to the generous donations from our friends and neighbors from the Dallas Fort Worth and Conroe areas, we were able to send 3,603 lbs of clothing and toys.

The distribution of the articles was made possible by the great cooperation of Padre Ramon Suero and his dedicated group of volunteers of the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de America Latina (Our Lady of Latin America Church), Santo Domingo. This area is specifically located in the Sabana Perdida sector.

We found that the church construction, which had begun 10 plus years ago but has yet to be completed, had not advanced at all since our visit last year. This church is more than just a place to conduct services, it’s an infirmary and community-organizing center that does so much for the people.

The Shorter Harris Foundation is exploring ways to raise funds to try to get the construction moving again for this so deserving Padre and his dedicated group of volunteers who could do so much more for this community, if given the resources.

With assistance of volunteers we visited Bávaro (Altagracia Province) about 3 ½ hours east of Sto. Domingo), and Mata Mamón (Rural area north of the city). We were introduced to people that are working to improve the living conditions for the people in these areas. Some of the families and children that first inspired us to form the Shorter Harris Foundation live in these areas that are in such need of the type of assistance we hope to provide. While there we distributed some articles left over from the original shipment.

The spirit of volunteerism of Padre Ramon and these fine people just spur us to want to do more for them. Helping people who help themselves is most heartwarming. 

We would like to give a special thanks to the people that helped make your charitable contributions possible: Director of Customs, Mr. Rafael Camilo, Technical Sub-director of Customs, Eduardo Rodriguez Apolinario, and the Director of the Port of Rio Haina, Mr. Wilson Acosta for their assistance in retrieving the shipment. A special thanks as well to the Archbishop of Santo Domingo for serving as the liaison between the Foundation and the people of the Dominican Republic.

This kind of cooperation from government officials, coupled with the good of their people’s heart, is a tremendous help for an operation such as Shorter Harris Foundation.

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